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Car Title Loan Cerritos Best Yearly Customer Reviews

Best Car Title Loan Service in South L.A.
Mike is the best! From the beginning to when I paid off my loan, he always had a smile on his face. Sometimes in went into the Studio City office to make payments and they still treated me well.
Sam Jones on 03/08/2015

Great Interest Rates on my Auto Title Loan
I called a lot of different companies. Most of them had hidden fees or pre-payment penalties. Car Title Loan Cerritos does not. It's clearly stated on the front page of the contract, that not fees are charged. This makes them have the best overall interest rates in Los Angeles.
George Hernandez on 06/25/2014

A Car Title Loan Really Helped me Out
I dinged up my girlfriends car. Before she could even get mad about it I got a car title loan from here and used the money to get her car fixed. They gave me cash in under 1 hour on a Friday afternoon. Her car was fixed by Tuesday and I was able to pay off the loan in 3 months. Getting a car title loan saved my relationship, thanks!
Carrie Lee on 09/05/2013

Short-term Collateral Loan
I was able to borrow money quickly so I could make it onto set. I had to get there within a week but the studio wouldn't be reimbursing me until I was set up in their system which took a few weeks. I was able to set up automatic monthly payment withdrawls for the car title loan. I paid the loan back when I got back into Los Angeles.
Amaya Smith on 04/29/2012

Life Saving Car Title Loan
I messed up my credit a few years ago. But Car Title Loan Cerritos didn't check my credit score even though i told them I had bad credit. They said it didn't matter that the loan is based off my car. It's true! I was pre-approved over the phone. I went into the Los Angeles office and walked out within 1 hour with cash in my pocket.
Jenny O'Malley on 08/02/2011

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